Hi Everyone:

I’m thrilled to announce The Corset Maker, volume two is being released on Tuesday, December 29th. Pre-order will be available soon. Here is the official back of the book blurb plus cover:

The Corset Maker 2


When it comes to Julien, Amelia doesn’t know what’s really going on between them. Friends with benefits? Client with benefits? All she knows is she’s being blackmailed out of her company by her ex-boss, Derek Wiggleby, even as he tries to ruin her chances of being Julien’s lover.

As for the hot movie director himself, Julien, Amelia feels like nothing more than a reprieve, a place to unleash and find comfort after a long day’s work. Yet there are moments when he opens, revealing a vulnerable interior that offer glimpses – and hope – that their affair may mean something more to him.

In the end, Amelia is forced to make a decision, will she choose to keep her company and a roof over her head or lose the man she has yet to admit she’s fallen in love with?